Nina ellis- hervey απώλεια βάρους

nina ellis- hervey απώλεια βάρους

Τι είναι τα parabens

Χρηματιστηριακη Αστρολογια για την τρεχουσα εβδομαδα The countertrend Venus retrograde rally in stocks in stocks continued through most of last week. Other world indices made their multi-year lows the following Monday-Tuesday, March And all continued higher last week.

It is not measured in terms of percent gain or loss, but rather according to length of time and pattern.

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It is bullish if both the trough and crest of the week primary cycle are higher than the trough and crest of the prior primary cycle. This new cycle is only three weeks old.

The crest of the previous primary cycle was January The last primary cycle March 6 certainly was lower than nina ellis- hervey απώλεια βάρους prior one on November As you can see, this market has a long way to go before it can be defined as a new bull market.

You might also find interesting the last three major DJIA rallies since the economic crisis hit in September.

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The first lasted four weeks, from October 10 to November 4. The DJIA rallied points, from to The second rally lasted almost 7 weeks Nov Jan 6from toand covered points.

Τι είναι Parabens;

This one has now lasted 3 weeks, and in this time the DJIA has risen points so far. Of the three post-crash rallies, this one has so far gained the least amount of points. And now we are right in the middle of the Venus retrograde zone March 6-April The mid-point of the Venus retrograde period had a similar impact on Crude Oil, Ιδανική απώλεια βάρους falmouth ma, and Currency prices last week.

All had been up sharply since the week Venus turned retrograde.

All made new highs for their cycles into last week. But then each of these markets ended the week with significant pullbacks.

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As discussed above, it is not unusual to see a sharp but short reversal around this time in any market that started a new trend at the time of the retrograde. Since the U. There is another concern looming on the horizon. In fact, it has coincided instead with sharp rallies. That coincided with the low in most world stock indices, from which started this current bull run.

We wait to see if a similar decline will happen this time into Aprilwith another strong advance to follow. Or, if instead, new cycles highs in stock indices form then, and it is just the opposite.

The one thing that does seem almost certain, however, is that with Mars in opposition to Saturn, followed by its conjunction to Uranus and all of this occurring in mutable signsthe markets will be volatile.

These are signatures that oftentimes coincide with the threat of military conflicts or terrorist activity, and a tendency towards aggression on the world political stage. In terms of nature, it can coincide with fires, explosives, as well as tornadoes, earthquakes, or volcano eruptions.

Short-Term Geocosmics

Longer-Term Thoughts Here it απώλεια βάρους reno nevada. With Pluto in the picture as the nina ellis- hervey απώλεια βάρους equinox begins, the focus is once again on debt, for Pluto rules debt, death, and taxes. I am not sure the American voter understood the tax break would be so… temporary.

But it does fit in with the waning phase of the Saturn-Pluto cycledescribed so often in past columns. This is when federal deficits increase, and are soon followed by increases in taxes and interest rates. Nina ellis- hervey απώλεια βάρους now as we approach the middle of the Saturn-Pluto cycle i.

Ποια είναι η διαμάχη;

But within that article comes a glimmer of hope, fairness, and entirely consistent with suggestions on how to handle the deficit problem positively in light of the Saturn-Pluto history.

Midway through the article, John D. A balance between these two may be more favorable. Obama can then keep his campaign promise, increase his popularity, while at the same time raising more revenues that escapes the U.

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Treasury through tax evasion or avoidance. This would be a tax reform in the USA consistent with the Saturn-Pluto waning phase, while at the same time it would encourage a transformation of our addiction to debt and spending. One will think twice before spending carelessly.

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In the waxing phase of Saturn-Pluto, the tendency was to spend and invest i. It is far more constructive to raise monies this way than to send the tax collectors out to audit more and more people.

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