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Ladies and Gentlemen, Animation screenings have become an established event for Syros. This year Animasyros is 10 years old and we feel great joy and satisfaction for the resonance he has achieved, because every year we see it opening his wings and attracting more and more the public interest.

nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους

We express our sincere thanks to the Urban Culture Platform, South Aegean Region, the Culture Committee of the Syros-Ermoupolis Municipality, the artists, the sponsors and all the participants of the Festival, and we wish to see Animasyros grow every year. We are waiting for you to celebrate together the 10 years of the successful course of this unique International Festival.

A festival which has grown thanks to Creative Europe-Media programme as well as the support of the European Commission Representation in Greece, celebrates its ten year anniversary, having managed to successfully overcome the practical and psychological stumbling blocks of the Greek crisis.

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In this way, this kind of art, known as the art of animation, is emerging as a δοκιμή απώλειας βάρους qld of On this path, every single form of art and culture has an invaluable role to play as a way to escape from a pressurising day-to-day routine, on the one hand, and as a source of jobs as well as of training and upskilling opportunities on the other.

And the European Commission is present, here, offering specific programmes and opportunities in order for initiatives, such as the Animasyros Festival, to be able to live long and multiply. We are sure that the festival will offer an excellent opportunity to further promote some of our best animation productions among the Greek audience, and also among the international participants of the event. We are confident as well that Animasyros will offer many opportunities for a closer cooperation between Brazil and Greece in the audiovisual area.

The Embassy of Brazil welcomes this important initiative and wishes all the success to Animasyros Nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους wholeheartedly wish for Animasyros to be here next year, nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους for many more years, and to give the floor to artists from every part of the world as well as inspiration to our own youth.

Good luck and much success! The U. The extremely active and innovative Animasyros festival this year completes ten years of active presence. As one of the biggest international festivals of its kind, it has already realized a number of events and activities. This nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους, for the third consecutive year, the Greek National Opera will be found in Hermoupolis, Syros.

This time, it will present a special Opera Gala at the Apollon Theater, a theater that has connected its history with the art of opera in our country. The Greek National Opera will have the honor to celebrate the 10th edition of the Festival with three outstanding artists, belonging to its force; Vassiliki Karagianni, Eleni Voudouraki and Giannis Christopoulos. The Greek National Opera will continue its creative dialogue with Animasyros Festival with the aim of developing new groundbreaking artistic proposals and a desire to enhance cultural decentralization.

One of the notable recent trends in Hollywood is that animated films seem to be outpacing their live-action counterparts when it comes to presenting an image of the world that is closer to the gender and ethnic makeup that we see in real life.

nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους

Unfortunately, it is taking longer for the industry to catch up with what they portray on the screen. While we still have a good distance to travel, our honored guests, Nancy Denney Phelps, Aliki Theofilopoulos and Kat Thorson Good, can tell us about their experiences, as well as where they think the industry is heading.

What should it contain?

A flashback to the original concepts from a decade back, the ambitions the enterprise started out with, and the creative ferment those initial plans concealed. AnimaSyros met the Onassis Cultural Centre along the way and their faith in the educational process and its power to nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους potential in society and link innovation within Greece and beyond could hardly have left the OCC family unmoved. Inwe supported AnimaSyros in the καίγεται το εκτομόμορφο λίπος of our shared belief in culture as a vehicle for development.

nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους

But our film has to end somewhere. Perhaps with a ten-year-old storyboarding the decade ahead, imposing order on chaos with a few strokes of a pencil. The Hellenic Post, in its years of continuous operation as an integral part of the Greek society, has promoted through the postage stamps the work and the creations of Greek artists and has exported them all over the planet. We place special emphasis on actions that promote creativity, education and the enhancement of new talented outward-looking artists.

nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους

Within this context, we gladly incorporated Animasyros in the act4Greece program, nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους the crowdfunding online platform nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους. For 90 κιλά χάνουν βάρος, a country whose cultural heritage comprises a priceless asset, crowdfunding may serve as a valuable vehicle for the promotion of our heritage as well as the enhancement of contemporary cultural creativity.

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We had not imagined that Animasyros would embrace creatively not only the animation community, but also the local community and, indeed, social groups that equally contribute to the implementation of each annual event.

This year, Animasyros is 10 and celebrates focusing on the theme of Europe as our common home. It presents national tributes to the creative industry of Luxembourg and Brazil, it enriches its educational activities as well as its activities towards the boost of the animation market. Animasyros is and will remain the great Greek fest of animation.

It is and will remain an ode to Syros. Hermoupolis, named after Hermes, the ancient God of commerce, is located 80 miles southeast of the port of Piraeus and is the capital of Syros Island and the Region of South Aegean.

The island is inhabited from the Neolithic era.

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Syros played an important role in the development of the pre-historic Cycladic civilisation. In the 13th century A.

Many immigrants from Kassos, Chios, Psarra islands and Asia Minor arrived here and were integrated with the population during the 19th century. That was the time when Hermoupolis was founded.

By the 20th century, the city had flourished both commercially and culturally. Hermoupolis is the best-preserved neoclassical city in Greece.

With a population of 13, people, it is the largest dwelling of Cyclades. Ano Syros used to be the medieval administrative center of the island, which also served as a castle for the inhabitants of Syros seeking protection from pirate attacks in the middle ages. Possidonia, formerly known as Delagratsia, is a famous settlement of Syros located in the wide bay of Phoenix, just 10 km from the capital of Ermoupolis.

For many years, it used to be the resort for the wealthy people of Syros. Apollon Theatre was built in by Italian architect Pietro Sampo and it became the emblem of economic and cultural development in Hermoupolis during the midth century.

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The first work to premiere at the Theatre was Rigoletto by Giusepe Verdi and it was here again where Maria Kotopouli gave her last performance on the 24th of March Currently, the Apollon Theatre hosts a variety of cultural events, among which, Animasyros. So the initial idea was based on this worldwide recognizable Cycladic figurine. By analyzing the minimalistic form of this figurine someone realizes that the face has only one element: the nose, which led to focus on its vision by giving it a big and funny pair of glasses.

By emphasizing on the nose and giving it two simple legs, our character is a challenge to every animator, since it symbolizes both the place and the content of the festival, without unnecessary information.

Sculpture Workshop of Prof. George Lappas, under the supervision of the Prof. The exhibition, which is coordinated by an Athenian journalist and a set designer from Syros, both Animasyros volunteers for years, is full of stories and mementos from the first edition in Septemberwhen this magical journey began on our wonderful island, to this present day.

We want to remind ourselves of our story together with the people of Syros, who embraced us, together with the ones, who were elementary school students back then and are currently studying at the University, with the ones, who were students then and are now well - established animation- professionals, with the dream team of our volunteers, but also together with leading artists from Greece, Cyprus, Europe, the US, Brazil, and nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους Iran, Israel and India to Australia.

Animasyros is and will remain a small, colourful homeland for everyone involved, an ode to hope. An ode to Αντικειμενικά καθρέφτες αδυνατίσματος. Hellenic Post, annual postal services sponsor of the festival, launches an anniversary personal stamp on the occasion of the tenth anniversary edition of Animasyros. Zylo Eyewear, the international handmade sunglasses label of Syros, which was established by Eleni Vakondiou and Periklis Therrios, produced for Animasyros 10 the unique models of sunglasses Anima Spyros and Anima Deka, which are entirely made of wood and available in selected optical shops nathalia teixeira απώλεια βάρους at zyloeyewear.

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