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Remainder A young man suffers a horrifying accident outside a shopping center and loses his memory.

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After reaching an out-of-court settlement with the owner of the building, he receives 8. He buys a building and hires actors to re-enact fragmentary snapshots from his past that haunt him. Omer Fast, born in in Jerusalem, Israel, is a video artist based jeanette macdonald απώλεια βάρους Berlin.

Fast has participated in over international group and solo shows. Under the Shadow Tehran, Soon, the screeching of the air-raid sirens will become the least frightening thing for mother and daughter, as a ghostly entity with inexhaustible supernatural powers targets them both.

jeanette macdonald απώλεια βάρους

Babak Anvari is an award-winning Iranian-born filmmaker based in London. Anvari completed his first animated short at the age of In he enrolled at the University of Westminster to study film and television production.

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Operation Avalanche Was Neil Armstrong jeanette macdonald απώλεια βάρους first man to walk on the moon? Or was the successful landing of Apollo 11 a trick by the Americans, who set it up in order to win the space race?

jeanette macdonald απώλεια βάρους

Matt Johnson is a director, writer and producer. He was born in Toronto and studied film at York University. Operation Avalanche is his second feature.

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He is about to marry a girl he barely knows, succumbing to the wishes of his domineering mother, when he meets and falls in love with the free-spirited Rym. After spending a wonderful night with her, his eyes are opened up to a new world full of endless possibilities. After the shiva, the week-long ritual mourning period, they resume their everyday lives, doing their best to cope with this tragic event.

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This bittersweet film of American-born Israeli director Asaph Polonsky unfolds over a single day. Drawing exceptional performances from a small but wonderful cast, Polonsky tackles a difficult situation with originality, humor and compassion.

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Asaph Polonsky was born in in Washington DC, but grew up In Israel, where he directed, wrote and produced two short films. Closet Monster Oscar is a high school student more interested in make-up and special effects than school.

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He is also a homosexual who is afraid to reveal his sexuality to his irascible father, tormented by horrific fantasies of his reaction.

Living in a stifling provincial town, his only comforts are his friend Gemma and his pet hamster voiced by Isabella Rosselini.

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But everything changes when he meets and falls in love with Wilder. Stephen Dunn is an award-winning filmmaker.

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  2. Ονοματολογία[ Επεξεργασία επεξεργασία κώδικα ] Η επιστημονκή ονομασία του γένουςVultur, είναι η άμεση μετάφραση της ελληνικής λέξης Γύπας, στην λατινική γλώσσα.
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As his desperate attempts to escape fail, he tries to survive in a place that appears to be inhabited only by crabs, turtles, and birds, until a chance meeting changes his life forever.

Michael Dudok de WitNetherlands is an animator, director and illustrator. He is currently based in London, where he directs and animates awardwinning commercials for television and cinema.

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Hadzihalilovic incorporates these elements in an enigmatic story that takes place in a remote seaside place inhabited exclusively by women and d lite απώλεια βάρους boys. But the fate of these boys is quite hideous, and the plot goes into some very dark paths. Hadzihalilovic immerses the film in a hallucinogenic ocean of magical scenes, creating one of the most splendid and visually evocative works we have seen on screen lately.

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A top student at school and conscientious son of a neurotic butcher, Marcus leaves his family home and the city of New Jersey for Ohio. Having won a scholarship in Jeanette macdonald απώλεια βάρους from a prominent local college, he manages to avoid the possibility of getting drafted and sent to some battlefield in Korea.

James Schamus was born on September 7, in Detroit, Michigan. Schamus made his feature directorial debut with Indignation.

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